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Peter Parts started Peter Parts Electronics in 1986 after spending nearly a decade in the electronic business with other companies. In that time Peter had traveled in the Far East and had come to know many electronics parts manufacturers. Many of these companies were highly respected in their part of the world but virtually unknown in the U.S. Most of these companies had been selling private label parts in the U.S., because that is what their distributors wanted them to sell. No one knew them by name. And no one would sell their parts under the original manufacturerís true brand name.

In 1986 Peter started Peter Parts Electronics. Many of Peterís early customers were looking for reliable manufacturers in the Far East, but didnít know where to look. And many Far Eastern manufacturers wanted to sell parts with their own brand on them. Peter thought it was a great idea -- imagine, starting a business that not only found the best manufacturers, but was forthcoming with his customers with names, data, samples, and JIT delivery of these great companies around the world.

Peterís hundreds of customers in the U.S. and his hundreds of contacts in the Far East were all looking for a way to talk to each other, but didnít know how. Working initially from a tiny office in Webster, NY, a Rochester suburb, Peter supplied those contacts, along with the credibility and trustworthiness that he and his company are now legendary for. Now they are working with 100ís of customers, and eighty manufacturers.

Now close to entering their third decade of supplying great quality from some of the best manufacturers around the world, the rest, as they say, is history!

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