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Product of the Month - September 2010
July 2017 - OLED Displays

This month we are featuring Organic LED (OLED) Displays. OLED displays are a great alternative to traditional LCD displays. Their thin profile, low power consumption and superior brightness make them a perfect choice for a variety of different applications!

Standard sizes include (click for individual data sheets):

0.91" - BG-12832E-LGWJ-N-G-A01
0.95" - BG-9664A-LGCJ-N-G-A00, BG-9664B-LGWJ-N-G-A00
0.96" - BG-12864H-LGOJ-N-G-A01, BG-12864K-LGWJ-N-G-A00
1.00" - BG-12832F-LGWJ-N-G-A01
1.01" - BG-12864J-LGWJ-N-G-A01
1.12" - BG-9696A-LGCJ-N-G-A00
1.46" - BG-128128A-LGCJ-N-T-A00
1.54" - BG-12864N-LGWJ-N-G-A00
2.40" - Full spec not yet available. Ask for details.
2.70" - BG-12864I-LGGJ-N-T-A00

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