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General/Custom Quote Requests

General Quote Request
Not sure where to look or how to get started? Use this form for general quote requests.

Custom Cable Quote Request
Use this form to request a quote for custom cable/cable assemblies. If you can't find it in our catalog, get a price here!
Custom Inductor Quote Request
Looking for a special inductor that doesn't perfectly match anything you see on our website? Request a quote for a custom inductor.
Custom Transformer Quote Request
Transformers come in hundreds of standard sizes, voltages, and formats -- but if standard isn't what you need, request a quote for a custom transformer.
Custom Motor Quote Request
Need a motor to fit your custom application or unique specifications? Request a quote for a custom motor.
Custom Membrane Switch Quote Request
Membrane switches and switch assemblies are almost always custom. If you're thinking about a membrane switch, request a quote here.