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Circuit Board Assembly Highlights
  • Surface Mount Assembly

  • High Speed Automatic Thru-Hole Assembly

  • Manual Thru-Hole Assembly

  • Die Bonding

  • Micro Programming

  • Circuit Testing

  • ROHS Certified

  • ROHS X-Ray Verification

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Circuit Board Assembly

At Peter Parts Electronics, we have over 15 years experience working with printed circuit board assemblies. If you demand the very best, look no further than us! We are a full-service PCB assembly company specializing in surface mount and thru-hole technologies. With affordable assembly rates, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled employees, we deliver!

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Our CM Capabilities

Peter Parts Electronics is your global resource for contract manufacturing. We have helped countless customers reach their contract manufacturing goals. We specialize in Circuit Board Assembly, Plastic Injection Molding, Value Added Assembly, Metal Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Turnkey OEM Products. Watch our short contract manufacturing video to learn more. How can we help YOU?
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